Atlanta, Georgia – What to Know and See

I spent two months in Atlanta, Georgia – and I fell in love with the city.

Many people tell me they don’t like ATL. They say that the traffic is bad or there’s alot of homeless. Both are true.. but coming from Philly I know those factors are insignificant when it comes to it being a great city.  People don’t give Atlanta a chance and I’m telling you that if you do, you will be impressed. Here’s why:

  1. Atlanta has great history

    • Movement began in ATL around 1845 when it developed into a major railway hub for the Southwest. 20 years later during the Civil War, the city was burnt down by the Union. After the war, ATL began to grow in population again and in 1886, Coca Cola launched their base there. This was the beginning of big companies having their headquarters there. Today, ATL’s economy is the 10th largest in the U.S. and 18th largest in the world.
    • ATL was home to Dr. Martin Luther King jr. and was a major part of the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s.
    • In 1996, the summer olympics were hosted in ATL.
    • ATL’s airport has the most connecting flights out of the U.S. – serving 236 destinations and is home to Delta Air Lines which is the city’s largest employer.
  2. Atlanta is the Hollywood of the South

    • Georgia offers tax credits to anyone who films in the area making ATL the third top filming location in the U.S. behind California and NYC.
    • Atlanta is home to celebrities such as Usher, T.I., Ciara, Ludacris, Akon, OutKast, Toni Braxton, John Mayer, Lil Jon, Elton John, and Chris Tucker.
    • Atlanta is called hip hop’s “Center of Gravity”. It is also one of the most thriving music scenes in the U.S.
  3. The City Itself is Beautiful

    • ATL’s population is only 447K compared to a city like Philly where the population is 1.5mil. ATL is the 40th biggest city in the States. In contrast, ATL’s metropolitan area is home to over 5.7mil people.. which explains the traffic. The great thing about the city having a small population is that it has alot of open space including Piedmont Park which is 185 acres.  Living in a congested city my entire life makes me appreciate a city with greenery and open space to sun bathe and picnic.
  4. ATL has great culture!

    • The food is great, the people are friendly, the weather is beautiful, the music scene is legit, and the city itself is talented.

Where to go – My favorite places in ATL

The Aquarium

— It’s the largest aquarium in the Western Hemisphere. It was the coolest aquarium ever! The dolphin show is a must!AirBrush_20170412062820AirBrush_20170412062843

The Sundial Restaurant

— This is a bar/restaurant on top of the Westin which gives you a 360 view of the city. The coolest part of this place is that the floor ROTATES! You will sit down, and within an hour, you will be moving in a full circle to get a 360 window view of the entire city. Click here to go to their website -> sundialAirBrush_20170412063254

Piedmont Park

— Grab a blanket and a book and head over to Piedmont. It’s a beautiful park where people go to relax, play sports, work out, or have a picnic. It also has a great view of the ATL skyline.


Centennial Olympic Park

— another beautiful park where they had the 1996 summer olympics. It is also the location where there was a bombing during the olympics that injured over 100 people. On a lighter note, I would suggest to jump on the SkyView ferris wheel to get a view of the olympic rings.AirBrush_20170412063235

Food Trucks

— ATL has a bunch of food trucks at their Food Truck Park & Market located on Howell Mill Rd. It is worth the visit.


SunTrust Park

— I went to see a Braves game at Turner’s Field.. but they transitioned to the newly built field at SunTrust Park. If you go, just make sure you’re in the shade! AirBrush_20170412062754

Clermont Lounge

— Supposedly Lady Gaga’s favorite place in ATL. It is where retired strippers still perform. It’s pretty crazy/hilarious/bizarre – but so worth it. Many bachelor parties. AirBrush_20170412063153

Delta Flight Museum

— The museum is pretty cool. They have all different types of planes and their history behind them. AirBrush_20170412063207AirBrush_20170412063409

Sweet Georgia’s Juke Joint

— My favorite place for southern food. They have live music every night, fried chicken, and moonshine. I LOVE it there!!!

Lenox Square

— One of the nicest malls I’ve been to.. all great shops!

Other places to check out if you’re a fan — Coca Cola Museum, CNN Center, High Museum of Art, FOX theatre, MLK Jr. National Historic Site, College Football Hall of Fame, Atlanta History Center, National Center for Civil and Human Rights, Six Flags, Swan House, The Belt Line, Chastain Park, LEGOLand, and Georgia State Capitol.


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